Grading Langoustines

The grading of langoustines is always made on-board by the fisherman. They use the common sizes  
from the Pefa system. To be able to grade at sea they use measurement in centimetres.                                                  Example of "svart kräfta"

Example of "Svart kräfta"Below are the sizes and the recommended length in centimetres.                                                                                 

Size                                    centimetres
1-5 NK                               20
 6-10 NK                            16
11-15 NK                          14,5
16-20                                13

For information about measure Langoustines click here.

We also have vessels that only grade in two sizes. Normally the use the size 

6-10 NK and 11-20 NK.

We also have some Langoustines with a darker shell (called “Svart skal”) on the clock. This is a normal condition
depending on natural changes during the lifecycle of the Langostines.

More information will follow.